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Student work from home: writing articles

Do you like to write shorter and longer texts? Is writing a pleasure for you? Do you make an effort?

Are you serious, consistent and responsive? We may be looking for you!

The birds are already chirping that content is the queen! In the company Agencija MINI šport doo we offer student work from home to a student who would like to write articles of various lengths on the topics of tourism, recreation and cuisine.

We are looking for creative article writers for student work from home and if you would like to earn something else with your hobby (such as writing), we invite you to read more detailed information about the work we offer and what kind of writer we are looking for.

1. Your work would be to write texts of different lengths:

Shorter, so-called SEO articles are not demanding to write and can be written by almost anyone who has the joy of writing. These articles are about 300 words long. If you are also proficient in English, so much the better!

2. Longer articles, which we also need, are between 600 and 1000 words long - depending on the requirements. These are articles that are written a bit better, offer interesting and useful information, and invite the reader to read them to the end… Longer articles are published on websites that are intended for a wider range of users.

3. Creative posts for social networks. 
Posts that will interest our followers and raise the reputation of our company.


The work takes place from home, in close collaboration with the company’s team. We expect seriousness, consistency and responsiveness from candidates.

If you are interested in the work described, please fill out the form below, in which you please provide as much information as possible. If we need any further information from you, we will contact you shortly and will notify you of our decision as soon as possible.