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postojna cave 
škocjan caves

Postojna cave
Škocjan caves UNESCO
Image by Timo Volz

CAVES Slovenia


Discover the mysterious underground world of Slovenia with an unforgettable visit to the Postojna and Škocjan Caves!

With a rich historical heritage and beautiful natural forms, you will enter a fairy-tale labyrinth of underground tunnels that reveal the wonders of nature.

Postojna Cave, one of the largest and most beautiful karst caves in the world, offers you a unique experience with a train ride through underground galleries, where you will be enchanted by stalactites and stalagmites.


The Škocjan Caves will surprise you with their mighty Great Hall, where the grandiosity of the natural underground space will take your breath away.

Visiting both caves is a priceless opportunity to experience the stunning beauty of the karst landscape and learn about incredible geological stories. Surrender to the charms of the underground world and experience an unforgettable adventure that will fill your memories with magical moments. Experience Slovenia as you have never seen it before!

To visit the caves, we suggest booking in advance.

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