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Green information

The leading standard of excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation in the tourism industry.
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Kolpa Resort glamping - Green Key Certificate 2023 (pdf)


International Green Key Ecolabel

Environmental / Sustainable Label The Green Key is the leading standard of excellence in environmental responsibility
and sustainable operation in the tourism industry.

The green key assures all guests that by choosing a certified tourist facility directly
help to protect the environment.

As bearers of this sign, we maintain high environmental standards, which we prove with the help of strict
documentation and frequent inspections.


We indulge in drinking water, but we pay attention to consumption

To maintain a satisfactory quality of life, a person consumes an average of 80 liters of drinking water per day. In Slovenia, we consume 130 to 200 liters of drinking water per household member per day. We use 2 to 8 liters of clean drinking water for just one flushing of the toilet, and the average Slovenian household uses 6 liters of drinking water per day for cooking.

We are proud to host you in an environment where water is drinkable!

In Slovenia we drink extremely clean and quality water! Just pour it on yourself, and cheers!

We diligently separate waste

Garbage is separated according to the instructions. Waste is always disposed of in appropriate containers and not in nature or in drains. The waste thus dumped pollutes groundwater and other sources of drinking water.

We try to take the garbage to separate containers.


We reduce the use of plastic

Plastic poses a great threat - both to the environment and to man himself. In Slovenia, we produced 987,151 tons of municipal waste in 2017. 478 kg of municipal waste per capita. Every year, an individual in Slovenia consumes 100 to 300 plastic bags, which can only be used from a few minutes to an hour. As we produce more and more plastic in the world, and 6.4 million tons a year land in the environment, plastic particles and substances that invade animals and our bodies have a major impact on the quality of our health.

We try to avoid the use of plastic products
for one-time use.


We turn off the lights carefully

We use energy saving / LED lamps. We turn off the lights when we don't need them. This contributes to lower electricity consumption and environmental protection.

We enjoy the local wealth of natural and cultural heritage

The natural and cultural heritage is exceptional in our environment - visit, get to know; experience and taste them! Information on sights, experiences, gastronomy and customs can be found on our info point at the reception and on our smart TVs. In case you need additional information, you can contact our friendly staff.

We explore the area with environmentally friendly types of mobility

Our places are ideal for cycling and hiking. Every trip / tour you do by bike or on foot instead of by car is an environmentally friendly act. Have you ever thought about how very different we get to know a place if we visit it on foot or by bike? We really feel it, smell it, hear it up close.

We open up to the residents and make contact with them easier.

Only in this way can we truly understand the places and people we visit.
All information about bicycle rental options and cycling and hiking trails can be obtained from our employees and at the reception.

We take care of the economical use of detergents and water when washing

Hotels around the world use tons of detergents and millions of liters of water every day to wash towels and bedding that have been used only once.

Bed linen and towels are therefore changed every time guests change, or only if you explicitly wish to do so.

Thank you for helping us conserve the Earth’s most precious resources!

More about the Green Key:

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