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Hiking in Forest

​Step by step to natural beauty​

Come and discover the magical beauty of Bela Krajina through 25 different hiking trails that will take you through the picturesque landscapes along the Kolpa River and up to the peaks of Mirna Gora, Krašnji vrh and Smuk.


Learning trail Kučar – Kolpa Resort. Experience a magical circular route that will take you through the village of Podzemelj, towards the stunning peak of Kučar, then past the village of Zemelj and past the church of St. Helene back to the starting point.


The walk will reveal to you the secrets of the fortress from the Early Iron Age, you will be enchanted by the view of the earthen mounds, and at the same time it will allow you to discover the pristine beauty of nature along the Kolpa River. On the way, you can stop at the Veselič guest house.

Enjoy the interweaving of picturesque fields, forests and luscious vineyards, and the highlight of the experience will undoubtedly be the climb to the secluded Kučar, which will reward you with a breathtaking view of the time-carved path of the Kolpa River.


Prilozje ponds – Kolpa Resort. Start your hiking challenge in the beautiful surroundings of Kolpa Resort. Walk to the main road, then turn left in the direction of Prilozje ponds.

Enjoy the view of the picturesque surroundings and the village of Prilozja, and take the time to discover the beauty of the animal learning trail by the ponds.

Continue along the pleasant macadam road that will lead you to the idyllic village of Krasinec, where you can admire the church of St. Anton Puščavnik.

The route will then take you back to the starting point, Kolpa Resort, past the cozy guesthouse Kapušin. Enjoy exploring the nature and tranquility that this magical hiking trip has to offer.

Ribniki Prilozje
A selection of hiking trails in BELI KRAJINA:

From Lebica to Krupa. The path that stretches from picturesque Lebica to charming Krupa represents the beauty of nature.

Its path leads us through the beautiful but shallow karst, which stretches along the Krupa River itself. A variety of karst, intertwined with sinkholes, small springs, stone mines and a magical litter forest, opens the door to a wonderful natural classroom.


The gentle beauty of nature is revealed through the forest of hornbeam and white hornbeam, which flow along the Krupa River. The route takes us through three smaller but stunning karst caves: the water karst cave Lebica, Malikovec and the unique Judovska húsa, which is extremely important in the history of the Belokranje region.

With its renovated route, which was enriched with a hanging footbridge in 2019, it provides us with an unforgettable experience. The Vodenica sinkhole and the Medvednica sinkhole are just a few examples that testify to the magic of the karst world. For hikers who choose to do the entire trail, the time travel is estimated to be 4 hours of pure discovery and wonder at nature's hidden treasures.

Od Lebice do Krupe
Circular route: METLIKA - KRASNJI VRH - Metlika​

Mountain trail Krašnji vrh. For a breathtaking view, climb to the mountain post above the highest village in the municipality of Metlika, where at 542 meters above sea level you will be greeted by a magical panoramic view that stretches over the entire Bela krajina and crosses the border with Croatia in the distance.

A charming 17-meter observation tower, a natural climbing wall, a bowling green and children's playgrounds offer you the opportunity to fully experience nature. Follow the marked mountain footpath from Metlika to the village of Krašnji Vrh, where the path leads you through picturesque landscapes interspersed with idyllic fields, forests and vineyards, while you admire Slamno vas and Bojanja vas.

The second part of the circular route takes you from Krašnje Vrh back to Metlika through the forests below Radovica, where you can discover the magic of sights such as the village of "Okno", "Bečka jama" and the beautiful Belokrajna bedding plants, almost without asphalt.


Along the way, you will also meet the pilgrimage complex Tri fare and cross Mestni breg and Obrh before reaching your initial destination in Metlika. The entire route is clearly marked and equipped with signposts, while the Koča na Krašnje vrh greets you with a friendly greeting on Sundays.

Krašnji vrh - planinska pot

The path is magical and a journey through time and space, taking you through picturesque wine-growing hills and brick villages, surrounded by forests and vast fields. In the mysterious atmosphere of the village of Grabrovec, the church of St. Urban, the patron saint of the vine, which fascinates every traveler with its historical legacy and cultural wealth. Every year in the month of May and on New Year's Eve, hiking enthusiasts gather there to go through this wonderful journey together, which ends on a fresh sports field, which is full of lively events and joy in Grabrovac in Metlika.

Urbanova pot

The wild stream, which originates above the idyllic village of Srednja vas near Črmošnjice, creates a real natural spectacle on its way through the picturesque landscape mosaic. Its riverbed, carved into the dominant dolomite bedrock, charms every visitor with its picturesqueness, full of playful waterfalls, calm pools and wild rapids. Most of its route goes through wooded areas, creating a real fairytale atmosphere that invites you to explore nature.


After about 3.5 km of adventure, it joins the Črmošnjičica river, which then continues its journey towards Dolenjski Toplice, revealing even more natural wonders on its way.i.

Divji potok
MIRNA GORA - trails

Mirna gora is the fourth highest peak of Bela krajina (1047 m), and at the same time one of the most south-eastern peaks of the vast Kočevski Rog. Mirna gora and the lower-lying place Planina are the starting points for other hiking trails.
The Planina-Mirna gora forest educational trail takes us along three different routes to the top of Mirna gora. 300 meters before the summit, all three paths merge into one, which leads to the mountain lodge on Mirna gora, where a well-deserved rest and a beautiful view await us.

Following the tracks of the Črnomelj–Leseni kamen forest railway, we walk along a well-marked path where the forest railway used to run in the past. Next to it we find many rare trees that have not yet been touched by human hands. Throughout, we can observe the traces left by the railway in nature, but in some places they are already well covered.

The shepherd's path leads along the former shepherd's path around Mirna gora. It is characterized by vast mowing fields in the surroundings of the ruins of the nomadic villages of Ponikve and Škrilj and overgrown areas that bear witness to the former image of the cultural landscape.

Trdinova pot Mirna gora is also included in the Trdinova pot, which connects Kočevski Rog and Gorjance with the outskirts of the Krško Hribovje. From the top, a path leads to the neighboring control point Gače (955 m) in a distance of 4.5 km and you can cross it in about an hour and a half and further to Smuk (547 m) in a distance of 10.5 km, where the walking time is 3 hours.


From wonderful vantage points, such as the converted church tower or the home on Mirna Gora, a charming view of the diversity of the surrounding landscape opens up. On the eastern side, the beautiful picture of Bela Krajina stretches out, where Metlika and Črnomelj are proud, while Kolpa winds its way towards Croatia, where Karlovac is visible. On the south side, the view of the Poljanski Mountains opens up, accompanied by the mountain peaks in Gorski Kotar, including Klek and the peaks of Velika Kapela, which invite you to explore unspoiled nature.

To the west lies the mighty Kočevski Rog, which with its wooded landscape bears witness to the natural beauty of this area. On the north side, we can see the part of Gorjanci, where Trdinov vrh and Žumberak proudly rise, between which Smuk and Semenič are proudly visible, rising above Semič.

On exceptionally clear days, the view extends all the way to distant Zagreb and the Medvednica mountain range above it, and all the way to Karlovac, creating an unforgettable and stunning experience.

Mirna gora pohodne poti
Scenic Trail - Kozice from Laze pri Predgradu

Experience the hiking trail that takes you through picturesque landscapes from the village of Laze pri Predgradu to the viewpoint Kozice. This easy hike allows you to stop, catch your breath, and enjoy a picnic with a stunning view of the Kolpa River.

Along the way, suitable for all skill levels, you'll explore the Poljanska Dolina valley with a view of the border between Slovenia and Croatia, then descend to the village of Dol by the Kolpa River, before returning to the starting point in Predgradu.

This hike is suitable for those with good fitness levels and seeking a relaxing outdoor adventure.

Kozice - razgledna pt
ČrnomElj Trail (Črnomelj - Mountain Hut Mirna gora)

The Črnomalj Path is a beautiful hiking trail that takes you from the picturesque town of Črnomelj to the Mountain Hut on Mirna gora. Stroll through green nature, admire stunning views, and enjoy the peace and tranquility. The trail will captivate you with its beauty and rich natural heritage.

Crnomelj - Mirna gora
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