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Brown Bear Mother and Cubs
Slovenia Unique Experience 

Discover the magic of Kočevsko - the home of the kings of the forest, the brown bear. With an experienced guide, you will explore unspoiled nature, meet a bear and enjoy local delicacies at a forest picnic.

Tracking wild animals, entering the Bear Room and observing bears in the evening from the safe shelter of the forest observatory.

Duration of the program: 1 day (10 hours)

Season: April - October

Difficulty: medium difficulty

Suitable for: families with older children, couples, individuals, small groups (up to 8 people)

Possibility of meeting: bear, wolf, lynx, deer, roe deer, forest birds, owls, waterfowl

Book your adventure now - watch a bear, experience a forest symphony and connect with nature.
The program runs from April to October.


Info: Zavod Kočevsko, info >>>


The bear, wolf and lynx are three protected species of large animals, and they can be found in the national parks and nature parks of Croatia.


Karlovac is known for its parks and forests, it is a city on four rivers with rich flora and fauna, and this is precisely why it is an ideal location for an attractive photo safari, individually tailored with the guidance of an expert and professional guide.


Type of offer: Photo safari at various locations by arrangement, depending on what you want to see and photograph.


INFO: Croatia Open LAND, info >>>

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