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Cycling adventure

BelA krajina circle: Poljanska dolina

Route description:

The cycling route to Poljanska dolina is one of the most beautiful cycling routes in Slovenia, which passes through picturesque places and sights of the Belokranjski krog. The route starts in Kolpa resort, continues through Črnomelj, which is the capital of the Bela krajina region, and continues along the road along the Kolpa River. Cyclists will be able to enjoy the beautiful nature offered by the Kolpa Landscape Park and admire many sights and cultural heritage along the way.

The first stop at bicycle paths it's the city center of Črnomelj, where they are located Črnomelj Castle, Komenda, parish church of St. Petra, City Museum Collection Črnomelj, Pastoral Center, Church of St. Duha and Primožič's house. All these sights testify to the rich history of this place.

The next stop is Stražnji Vrh, where the baroque church of St. Miklavža, which is known for its architecture and frescoes.

The route continues towards Predgrad, where the church of St. Nicholas andpranger, which are important cultural heritage. The Pranger is an interesting device that was used in the Middle Ages to punish offenders.

The route then continues through the Kolpa Landscape Park, which is a protected area. Here you will be able to admire many plant and animal species and enjoy the beautiful nature by the river Kolpa. On the way, you will also be able to see the Sodevska stena, which is known for its unique geological composition.

The Bela krajina Circle is an excellent cycling route for all lovers of nature and cultural heritage, who will find many interesting things to explore along the way.


Krasinec  - Griblje - Črnomelj - Kanižarica - Dblice - over Poljanska gora - Radenci - Dečina - Sodevci - Kot ob Kolpa - Predgrad - Jelenja vas - Gorenja Podgora - Nemška Loka - Miklarji - Bistrica - Stražnji Vrh - Svibnik - Črnomelj - Gradac - Krasinec

Length: 75 km

Highest point: Miklarji section 637 m

Time: 4h

The foundation: asphalt 75 km

Difficulty: difficult

Points of interest on the way: 

The old town center of Črnomelj (Črnomelj Castle, Komenda, parish church of St. Peter, Črnomelj City Museum Collection, Church of the Holy Spirit, Primožič House), Stražnji Vrh (Baroque Church of St. Nicholas), Predgrad (Church of St. Nicholas), Landscape Park Kolpa (secured area between Stari trg and Dragoši), Sodevska stena, Kal

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