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For families

Bike & Hike Krupa

Route description:

Let's start at the starting point Kolpa Resort and descend to the main road, where we turn left and follow the signs to the village of Gradac. As soon as we cross the bridge over the river Lahinja, turn right and continue tothe source of the Krupa River. 

When we get to the spring, we follow the signs and continue on foot along the wonderful circular learning trail along the Krupa River.  The source of the Krupa River in the village of the same name is one of the most beautiful and important karst springs in Bela Krajina.

When we finish the hike, we return back to the starting point by bicycle along the same route. 


Krasinec - Gradac - Krupa - Gradac - Krasinec

Length : 16.8 km 

Total ascent and descent: 153 m

Time: 50 min

The foundation: asphalt 16.8 km

Terrain: plane 

Difficulty: unpretentious

Tour suitable for family cycling

Points of interest on the way: 

Source of the Krupa River, circular hiking trail along the Krupa River

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