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The natural Kolpa glamping resort is situated on top of a hill, a few hundred metres back from the quiet country road '919', between the municipalities of Metlika and Črnomelj, and just outside the village limits of Krasinec itself.

Therefore this places us geographically, culturally and historically in the heart of the region of Bela Krajina, from whose rich heritage we have drawn inspiration for our concept.

A whole host of activities is available, both in, and in close proximity to, the resort, where you can indulge yourself with plenty of free time.

You can fish in the River Kolpa or the nearby lakes and ponds, or visit the adventure park, the sports aerodrome, or horse-riding, or cycling/hiking along the picturesque road running alongside the river; there is much to satisfy the active appetite! Bela Krajina itself is rich in culture and history but the people themselves are also rich in spirit. Take the time to talk with them when you meet them; you will find them generous in goodwill, sincerity and interest, borne from generations of surprising diversity!

Rafting & KAyaking on river kolpa

"The River Kolpa is the southernmost river in Slovenia and is widely considered to be one of the warmest, cleanest and most pristine rivers in the country. 

It also has the longest 'riviera' of all the nation's rivers, therefore offering you many possibilities including swimming, canoeing, rafting and of course kayaking.
Imagine the perfect family day out, floating along the well-maintained natural beauty of this river, which forms a crucial part of the Kolpa Natural Park. Experience the river with your family, or in a larger group, from a unique perspective."



"The region of Bela Krajina is rich in Elysian fields, birch trees, ferns and flax. Cycle along the roads around the River Kolpa and get face to face with nature - by bike!"
For more check it here >


25 marked hiking trails are awaiting you in Bela krajina.
You can hike along the Kolpa river or turn uphill towards the summits of Mirna gora, Krašnji vrh, or Smuk to fully appreciate the wonderful view of the area.

Take a look at the map of Bela krajina’s hiking trails at the following link: 


"Bela Krajina is excellent fishing country. The local pond in Prilozje and the River Kolpa are both rich in potential catches. Maybe you will be lucky enough to catch your own dinner to cook on the fire later that evening!"


»The Tastes of Bela krajina« comprise of ten traditional dishes of Bela krajina. Most famouse is  “belokranjska pogača” (a leavened flatbread sprinkled with caraway and coarse salt).

Also try »The Tastes of Bela krajina« - which is a culinary tourist product intended to showcase the culinary specialities of the Bela krajina region.

"A delicious feast awaits you in Bela Krajina, especially the local stew Belokrajnska Šara, consisting of swede, beans, as well as 'štruklji' steamed dumplings stuffed with greaves, soured cabbage, mincemeat, rice and to finish with, some 'Belokrajnska Povitica'. That's just a taste. Sample the delights of the region! 
We recommend that you also try the baking course in the area.


Kolpa natural park: The exceptional nature at the River Kolpa is complemented by the rich cultural heritage, an interesting history and the inhabitants, who have given it a special mark. Once you bask in the beauty of the exceptional Bela krajina river – the Kolpa, the silver birches, the ferns, the grasslands and the hills, you never forget them again


Lahinja natural park: In the heart of Bela krajina, the Lahinja River, as well as forests, marshes and wetland pastures surrounding it, offer many surprises. The protected area covering the first seven kilometres of the river Lahinja is a real botanical treasure. In the park, you can visit a mill, a sawmill, a typical church and a traditional farmhouse.


Wine tasting 

Bela krajina is one of the most interesting Slovenian wine producing region. Mild climate, harsh winters, and soil biodiversity enable the production of premium quality wines.
Winegrowers produce a number of other wines as well, ranging from classic white and red varieties to the premium quality late harvest wines, ice wines, and straw wines. Many of these wines have received the highest international awards year after year.

You too can enjoy a degustation! 


home of black endemit:
Proteus anguinus parkelj

Black human fish (the scientific name Proteus anguinus cormorant) is a cave amphibian, a subspecies of human fish that lives in the groundwater of the Bela krajina Landscape.
The source Jelševnik is the only place, where the black proteus can be observed in its natural environment.

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