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Cycling adventure

Along the river valleys:
Kolpa & Dobra

Route description:

From Kolpa Resort, we go to the Krasinec border crossing. Turn left in Pravutina and continue along the idyllic road alongthe Kolpa River to the village of Ribnik. Ahead of us is a slight climb through the woods and a descent to Dobra river.


From there, it follows flat cycling at Dobra River and Kolpa. Gornje Pokuplje is the next place where the Dobra flows into the Kolpa. We will continue our journey past the old castle Turk - Mažuranić and follow the course of the river Kolpa all the way to Levkušje, Zorkovac na Kupa and Polje Ozaljski, which is located near the river border with Zagreb County.

The next stop is Market Etno Park. We continue our journey along the Kolpa River to Kamanj and then return to the Kolpa Resort.


Krasinec - Pravutina - Ribnik - Grdun - Gornje Pokulpje - Levkušja - Zorkovac - Polje Ozaljsko - Trg - Ozalj - Kamanje - Jurovski Brod - Pravutina -Krasinec - Ozalj - Kamanje - Jurovski Brod - Pravutina - Krasinec

Length: 60 km

Highest point: 398 m

Time: 3 hours

Surface: asphalt 60 km

Difficulty: moderately demanding

Points of interest on the way: 

Turk Mažuranič Castle, the medieval town , traditional architecture of farmhouses made of hewn beams with "Croatian charcoal on the cross" and thatched roofs, Ethnopark (open-air museum), Ozalj Grad (medieval town, owners Zrinski and Frankopani)

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