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For families

Cycling route across the border to Croatia

Route description:

We start from Kolpa Resort. After descending to the main road, turn left and drive to the village of Podzemelj. There, at the Veselič guest house, we turn right and continue driving to the village of Zemelj, where we turn right towards the village of Otok. There we stop for a short stop at the plane Dakota DC3.

We continue our journey past Primostek to Metlika, where we can see the old town center with the castle and various museums.
We cross the border crossing with Croatia and return along the Croatian plains along the river to the starting point of the Kolpa Resort. 
We cross the border crossing in the village of Pravutina.


Length: 17 km

Highest point: 173m

Time: 50 min

The foundation: asphalt 15 km and macadam 2 km

Terrain: plain 

Difficulty: unpretentious

The tour is suitable for family cyclinge

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