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For families

Wandering among fish, birds and nature

Route description:

Let's start at the starting point Kolpa Resort and go down to the main road, where we turn left. At the first intersection, turn left towards the village Borst.


We continue our journey through Boginja village to Prilozje, where we visit the airport and Prilozje ponds.

We can take more time at the ponds and walk along the animal learning path that takes us around the ponds. We continue along the macadam to the village of Cerkvišče, where we can see many animals in the barn. 

The next stop is the river Kolpa, where we can refresh ourselves and watch many birds and fish that will brighten up our day. After refreshment, we return back to Kolpa Resort.


Krasinec - Boršt - Boginja vas - Prilozje - Church

Length: 12 km

The highest point 157 m

Time: 1h

The foundation: asphalt 8 km + macadam 4 km

Terrain: plane 

Difficulty: unpretentious

Points of interest on the way: 

Prilozje Airport, Ponds Prilozje, Barn Cerkvišče, Štrucelj farm, Totter farm

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