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Cycling adventure

Lebica - Krupa route

Route description:

For pleasant and easy cycling through the landscape, which is permeated with cultural and historical sights and numerous natural gems, the Lebica - Krupa cycling route is indispensable for both recreational gourmets and visitors. 

The path leads along the shallow karst in the narrow hinterland of the Krupa river and along the river itself. The karst world, with its many sinkholes, small springs, stone caves and litter boxes, is a real classroom in nature.


Krasinec - Gradac - Stranska vas - Vinji Vrh - Brstovec -Brezje - Sadinja vas - Vavpča vas - Semič - Lebica - Krupa - Moverna vas - Gradac - Krasinec

Length: 35 km

The highest point: Semič 268 m

Time: 2.5 h

The foundation: asphalt 35 km

Terrain: plane 

Difficulty: unpretentious

Points of interest on the way: 

Spring Krupa, Museum House Semič 

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