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ENVIRONMENTally friendly accommodation

At Kolpa Resort, we are aware that sustainable development is extremely important. 

We are extremely proud that, especially in such an exceptional year, we got involved in green scheme
and acquired Green Key certificate.

We also met all the conditions for obtaining the signSlovenia Green Accommodation, with which we also formally position ourselves on the Slovenian, European and global market as environmentally and socially friendly accommodation.​

Also we are declared for the best glamping in 2020 and we add, that we will continue with this mission even more firmly in the coming years. 


In 2021, we received the title or award Glamping specialist of the year 2021/22, which further confirms our work and effort and definitely increases our motivation to work harder for you every year.

Nature With A View

In the heart of Bela Krajina, in south east Slovenia, we have designed and constructed a wonderful 'Glamping' resort, consisting of wooden houses, glamorous tents and a natural swimming pool.

Built in a wonderful setting, on raised ground where the old Manor House of Krasinec once stood, the resort sits on a hill just a 800m away from the River Kolpa, with stunning views of both the Slovenian and Croatian countryside. 

Sadly the Manor is no longer there but is an ideal location for our new, 100% natural resort. The resort stands on the former site of a Manor House called Krasinec, after which the local village is named.

According to the records of the 17th Century historian Johann Weikhard von Valvasor, the Manor House of Krasinec was built around 1666 and stood until the late 18th Century.