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3 sports activities in Bela Krajina

Updated: Mar 2, 2023

If you are enthusiastic about cycling, hiking and climbing, then Bela krajina is the right destination for such challenges. A piece of Slovenia in the southeast calls for sporting activities.

Oh yes, Bela krajina is much more than river Kolpa or much more than the famous water sports and other water activities.

It is an excellent destination for climbers, hikers, cyclists and other adventurers both in the summer months and on the cooler days of the year.


  • For beginners: the wall in Črnomlje, under the castle or under the pub, which is a combination of natural and artificial handrails.

  • For experienced climbers: the largest and at the same time the most interesting climbing wall in Bela Krajina is the wall in Damlje.


When cycling in Bela Krajina, before leaving, we recommend that you stop at one of Bela Krajina's TICs, where you can get a cycling map or get one from accommodation providers.


Even when hiking in the Bela krajina, we recommend that you get a map before leaving, as Destination Bela Krajina has prepared a hiking map where you will find even more interesting suggestions for hiking in the Bela krajina region.

In any case, we think that Bela krajina is beautiful in summer when the Kolpa river serves its specialty, but it is no less beautiful in autumn or in winter.

In fact, it's absolutely beautiful any time of the year, and if you haven't visited this part of Slovenia before, we highly recommend you do.

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