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5 mini-trips around the Bela krajina

5 things that will enchant you:

In other words, the reds, oranges and browns that drape the landscape in early autumn could be described as a wonder of nature. If you consider yourself a fall lover, then you will agree with our post.

trips um die Bela krajina
5 Mini trips around the Bela krajina

But we don't blame you whether you prefer winter, summer or spring. Each season has its own charm and we tend to look for what inspires us in each season. And every season there is a reason to be inspired.

This time we were attracted by the autumn landscape of Bela kraijna, which calls to get to know it better. Below we give you 5 tips on what to see:

Mirna gora (Semič)

Mirna Gora is located at an altitude of 1047 m. The forested peak, located on the south-eastern edge of Kočevski rog, will impress you not only with a wonderful view of the entire Bela Krajina and the wider area, but also with excellent dishes on the spoons (and even better, homemade sweets).

With its height, Mirna gora is also one of the highest peaks of the Bela Krajina, and you can enjoy one of the most beautiful views in autumn.

Gače (Semič)

In recent years, Gače has expanded its tourist offer outside of the winter period.

In the vicinity of Gače you can enjoy long walks in the ski area, treat yourself to culinary delights, rent an e-bike and also offer guided cycling and hiking tours.

Krašnji vrh (Metlika)

Krašnji vrh - it is a small village that lies on the border with Croatia in the extreme north-west. The sunny slope is ideal for vineyards.

At the top of the village stands the Trinity Church, above it a grassy peak with a lookout tower. You can start in Metlika, 10 kilometers away, or in the neighboring village of Radovice.

Urban's trail (Metlika)

Urban's trail is a particularly interesting exploration in the fall, as you can pick chestnuts and other autumnal delicacies while wandering the Metlika vineyards, and along the way come across one of the brick house owners who will bake them for you if possible and provide Offer you a glass of young wine along the way.

We recommend that you park your car in Metlika at the Pungart parking lot.

Landscape park Lahinja (Črnomelj)

Located in south-eastern Slovenia, Lahinja Landscape Park is in the heart of the Bela Krajina and includes the natural and cultural heritage area of the upper reaches of the Lahinja River.

In the park, the dominant natural element is water in various forms, which has shaped many natural phenomena as well as plant and animal species.

Therefore, this time we have proposed 5 experiences in Bela krajina outside the summer season. If you don't find time to go through all of our suggestions during the fall season, don't worry.

The tourist spots listed above are also beautiful in summer. If you are our guest again in the summer days, we will be happy to tell you another hiking idea.

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