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A weekend autumn getaway

Bela krajina is a great tourist destination even in the autumn days, when it serves with beautiful views, excellent fresh wine and breathtaking cuisine.

Glamping Kolpa resort, Bela krajina
Bela krajina in autumn
Vidošiči, Vinomer and beautiful autumn views

Just a few miles away from the city Metlika there are vineyards of most Metlika winemakers, which are, at least in our opinion, the most beautiful in the autumn, when they are caressed by autumn.

From the top of Vidošiči, near the church of St. Anne, you can enjoy the views that reach as far as neighboring Croatia and the rest of Bela krajina.

Wine degustation

In the area of Vidošiči and Vinomer above Metlika, there is also a large majority of Bela krajina winemakers who will welcome you with open arms and introduce you to the Bela Krajina wine drop.

Bela krajina is considered the cradle of many types of wines, such as rosé and predicates. If you haven't tried wines from the south-eastern part of Slovenia yet, just give them.

Breathtaking cuisine

In the autumn, a project is taking place as part of the Bela krajina destination Okusi Bele krajine.

Every weekend, one Bela krajina catering provider presents itself, preparing a multi-course menu especially for this occasion, in which the rich Bela Krajina tradition is intertwined with the innovation of chefs.

If you want the company of Bela krajina's hearty people on a free autumn weekend, just go on a trip, you won't be sorry.

Not only the heartiness of the people, but also the charming landscape in the colors of autumn, will inspire you to come back someday. Or you just extend your summer vacation from the main to the late tourist season.

Welcome to the land of white birches!

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