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Visit These Worldwide Destinations Before They Become Total Hot Spots

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

Slovenia is the only nation on the continent that can claim four major geographic regions: the Alps, the Mediterranean Sea, the Pannonian Plains, and the Karst limestone plateau.

This rich natural bounty means seasoned skiers, climbers, and outdoor adventurers have plenty to sink their teeth into everywhere. Kolpa Resort, a hip glampsite in the south, is a lovely place to stay during cherry season.

Chef Ana Roš has spent nearly two decades revolutionizing the food of her country, and it’s paying off: her restaurant, Hiša Franko, nestled in the Slovenian countryside, has a Michelin star. At the same time, the cool capital of Ljubljana, with its burgeoning art, dining, nightlife, and LGBTQ scenes, makes Slovenia particularly relevant to those with their finger on the pulse.

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