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The ideal destination for family and road cycling

Put on the pedals and go on a cycling trip through the White Landscape! This picturesque landscape, which stretches out in the south-east of Slovenia, is the right destination for all lovers of cycling and nature.

The cycling routes through the White Landscape offer various opportunities to explore this beautiful region. Beginners can opt for easier routes that include flat sections and less demanding climbs.

Experienced cyclists can choose more challenging routes that climb the hills and offer wonderful views of the surroundings.

Kolesarjenje BELA KRAJINA
Cycling throgh Bela krajina

Biking in Bela krajina is also suitable for families with children. There are easier cycling routes that are suitable for children, as well as options for renting bikes for the whole family.

A cycling trip through Bela krajina will certainly be an unforgettable experience for the whole family, as you will explore the beautiful nature and get to know the local culture and traditions together.

For those who like road cycling, Bela krajina is also an excellent choice. There are roads that wind through beautiful landscapes and offer views of the surrounding hills and valleys.

Advanced cyclists can choose routes with more climbs and challenges, while beginners can choose easier routes suitable for enjoying the beauty of nature.

While cycling through Bela krajina, you can enjoy the wonderful nature and diversity of the landscape.

You will discover picturesque villages, fields and vineyards, mysterious forests and beautiful rivers and many other natural beauties.

For added fun and adventure, you can also see some attractions like castles, churches and other cultural attractions.

There are also many opportunities to taste local food and drink in Bela Krajina. Try traditional dishes such as "Belokranjska pogača", "Belokranjska šara" or grilled lamb, and enjoy excellent local wines.

No matter what type of cycling appeals to you the most, Bela krajina is an excellent choice for all cycling enthusiasts.

Explore the natural beauty of this beautiful region in a unique way and enjoy an active vacation in nature together with your family or friends.

So put on the pedals, prepare your bike and go on an unforgettable cycling adventure through Bela krajina region.

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