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Family Glamping Holidays

It is where the magic happens. Family space at one of our gorgeous glamping tents;

Why choose glamping? Family glamping is a sustainable, affordable and unforgettable way to get close to nature while enjoying all the luxury you'd expect from a boutique hotel. You can find our accommodation in the Slovenian countryside, next to meadows with wild flowers, with a wonderful view of the Gorjans - a backdrop that will make family glamping holidays family memories.

Family glamping vacations can be among the most memorable vacations. Where cities can blend into the traffic and bustle of the soundscape, long stretches of concrete and steel color palettes, nature provides the opposite. Nothing leaves a deeper impression than a constantly changing carousel of colors, the sound of a bird orchestra and howling wind.

Family glamping isn't what it used to be. It's even better. With unique spaces built for families – big and small, you can save yourself the worry before traveling about your reservation, knowing that we are Green Key recipients and certified specifically for you, dear guests.

Step into nature and know that when you return, you will be soaked with comfort. Jump over rocks in streams, climb trees, look for creatures big and small. It's not just your favorite family vacation—it's your favorite family memory.

Welcome to us.

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