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Flooding Slovenia

💚UPDATE for Kolpa Resort Glamping:

We are very, very sorry for our whole country 🙏🏻 and we are deeply saddened and in our thoughts with our colleagues in the tourism sector who are doing their best to rescue people.

💔 We are also in our thoughts with all the citizens who are fighting during these difficult times in Slovenia. None of us ever imagined that something like this would happen in our country. We are deeply affected and united in facing these challenges together.

Current situation: Everything is OK here and we expect the rain to stop at late afternoon on Sunday 5th.

Our glamping tents and wooden houses are safely positioned on a hill, away from the river to avoid potential flooding.

Dear guest, if you have any further questions, feel free to reach out. And please, take care on the road!" 🙏🇸🇮

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