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Glamping in nature gives Kolpa Resort a sustainable edge

Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Glamping and sustainable tourism become increasingly popular.

A unique 100% nature resort, offering peace and tranquillity in beautiful rural Slovenia? That’s what Kolpa Resort is all about!

The award-winning resort is inspired by the natural landscape and local culture. Mija from Kolpa Resort shares their experiences with and tips on sustainable glamping. Read more to discover how glamping tents contribute to the success of a green resort.

Sustainable glamping

Sustainability has become a hot topic in the travel industry and glamping offers a solution. Sustainability is also high on the agenda in Slovenia, making glamping increasingly popular.

‘Green tourism and sustainability are a big deal, which is why we chose to build a sustainable glamping resort. We placed our glamping tents and other accommodations in the surrounding area with the utmost respect and care for preserving the natural environment.

’ According to Mija, this is part of their success. ‘Our location is ideal, surrounded by nature and close to the river. We provide our guests with privacy, while enjoying 360-degree views of the Gorjanci hills and valleys to the north and Karlovac to the south.’

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