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Glamping in Slovenia Offers an Original Holiday That’s Also Affordable

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

When travelling abroad, there are a lot of options available. Whereas some may be looking to explore some of the fabulous landmarks that can be found around the world, others may be looking to try something different.

Although some trips out of the ordinary can be a little expensive, this isn’t always the case. Glamping is the perfect example of a holiday with a difference that’s also affordable and is very much something that must be experienced.

Glamping is often explained as camping, but with an additional layer of comfort. Glamping is also ideal for those looking to take a more eco-friendly approach to the way they spend time, without having to cut back on the luxury.

Why Consider Glamping?

With the many high-end hotels and villas available when visiting abroad, some could consider glamping as a downgrade, but the truth is that glamping is a truly unique experience that can’t be compared to anything else.

The first benefit of glamping is that it puts people back in touch with nature, as well as being the ideal holiday for families looking to spend some quality time together. What’s more, the experience is always different depending on the location. Even locations that have been visited before can be enhanced via the use of glamping.

Where Can I Enjoy the Ultimate Glamping Experience

The great thing about glamping is that it offers something for everyone. Adventure seekers can find more terrain off the beaten track, whereas families and couples can enjoy the immersive surroundings of countries like Slovenia.

Not only does it offer beautiful architecture and rustic culture, but also tranquil surroundings in the form of snow-capped peaks and turquoise-green rivers.

Bela Krajina is a popular location in Slovenia that is recognised for its many rock formations as well as its many traditions which include the Jurjevanje, a folk tradition festival that has taken place since its formation in 1964 and looks to the conserve the music and dances of Bela Krajina. Bela Krajina is also home to one of the cleanest rivers in Slovenia, the River Kolpa.

Experiences Available in Bela Krajina, Slovenia

Not only does glamping in Bela Krajina allow those looking for something different to enjoy an environment that’s unlike anything else available, but it also allows travellers to enjoy some truly unique experiences, including the following. Visit Cebelarstvo Veselic: The World of Honey

Learn everything you ever wanted to know about bees and honey while having the opportunity to sample some honey-based products, including a honey liquor. Vizir Is the most diverse Brewery in Slovenia

If you’re a fan of exotic beers then why not visit Vizir, the oldest brewery in the world that produces several types of beer wither Superstar being a favourite with tourists and locals. Sample the Culinary Delights of Bela Krajina

The preparation of meals in Bela Krajina is based on meat, potatoes and bread, with a trout alternative available for vegetarians. Those who want to sample some Slovenian dishes can try out the many restaurants situated in Bela Krajina, including the famous Gostilna Veselic, Gostisce Kapusin and Gostilna Muller.

The fun and free-spirited experience of glamping partnered with the luxurious and fascinating views of Slovenia offers a holiday with a difference that’s also affordable.

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