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Kolpa resort, the art of glamping

Updated: Nov 8, 2021

In our glamping resort, you can enjoy your holidays in perfect simplicity, as a family, in a comfortable accommodation, where you can sleep, eat, play outdoors, set out to discover the region and its people, and then sleep and start over again :).

We offer you the oportunity to discover a new preserved environment and region Bela krajina, allowing you to share the simple joys of life and outdoor play with your children.

Our glamping resort is the result of a dream – the dream of trying to remember what 'simple' can look, feel and taste like.

Nature is beautiful in glamping Kolpa Resort: untreated nature, trees, natural swimming pool, no traffic on site, boutique accommodations. Wooden or glamping tent (Canvas) accommodations built in harmony with the environment ...

Everything has been done to offeer you a comfortable stay in the heart of nature.

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