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Let's travel sustainably

Sustainable tourism, which has been talked about so much in the last few years, is not just a fad, but we could call it a necessary constant or a mandatory new normality, which was brought to us mainly by climate change.

The reality of the new time or a challenge that has already and will redistribute many tourist flows.

Consumer behavior has been changing rapidly in recent years, and the consumer is also a tourist who is increasingly looking for green, sustainably oriented destinations, which we also see at the Kolpa Glamping Resort.

What is green tourism right for?

By green tourism we mean all aspects of sustainable tourism based on four principles, namely environmental, socio-cultural, economic and climatic.

Sustainable forms of tourism are becoming a necessary direction of development, as only tourism that is based on the economic success of business and at the same time will be tolerant of the natural, cultural and social environment will be competitive.

So what is sustainable tourism or how would you best describe it?

Sustainable tourism is certainly one of the main topics of study in the field of tourism. Both politicians at the European level and Slovenia have committed themselves to its development, and the priority of the strategy is described in the words green, sustainable and responsible.

Sustainable tourism is therefore tourism that takes full account of current and future economic, social and environmental impacts that address the needs of visitors, industry, the environment and host communities.

It is tourism that brings as few negative effects as possible to the natural and social environment and maximizes the positive ones.

In ensuring the principles of sustainable tourism, it is very important to understand the perceptions of tourists, their motivation and, last but not least, satisfaction, and to consider all of the above as part of the social pillar of sustainable development.

It is also extremely important to understand the relationship between the motives of tourists, the ability of the destination itself to be able to satisfy guests and the perceptions of the local population.

We do not ignore the listed challenges in Kolpa Glamping Resort, but at the end of each season we think in depth about further possibilities for improvement.

Also at the end of last season, we reviewed the reviews and introduced quite a few innovations that we ourselves are excited about and we believe that you, our guests, will be as well.

We wanted to let you know that we hear your wishes, we understand your needs and therefore we constantly strive to provide conditions under which you will feel wanted and relaxed with us.

Bela krajina is really white because of the white birches and white costumes, but its nature is beautiful shades of green and we want your experience with us to be like that - green and

favored by green.

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