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Mirna Gora - for big and small travelers

If you are hiking Bela Krajina in summer and the weather is cooler and less suitable for lounging at Kolpa, we recommend using the day to explore Semik region, especially Bela Krajina peak - Mirna Gora.

Mirna gora
Mirna gora: the highest peak of the hilly area of Bela Krajina

Mirna Gora is the highest peak in the hilly area of Bela Krajina and is located in the south-eastern part of the rugged karst plateau Kočevski Rog, which together with the neighboring Dinaric plateaus forms one of the largest forest areas in Europe. At its foot lie the abandoned nomadic villages of Planina, Kleč, Škrilj, Ponikve and Sredgora.

The ancestors of the last residents came here during German colonization in the 14th century and stayed here for more than 600 years. Today, lovers of untouched nature and tranquility return to the village under Mirna Gora. If you recognize yourself, then you are invited to the following lines.

Under the peak of Mirna Gora there is a mountain hut, which is a partner of the Clean up our mountains project, and next to it is the partially restored church by Frančišek Ksaver.

According to legend, with the help of St. Francis, the patron saint against bad weather, they managed to tame the dragon that lived on the mountain.

It caused storms and destroyed crops. From the church tower, which today also serves as a lookout tower, we have a wide view of the Bela Krajina and Croatia, to the south to the forested slopes of Poljanska Gora and to the southwest to the peaks of Kočevski Rog, Stojna and Gorski Kotar.

The route described follows the educational forest trail Planina - Mirna Gora.

Another interesting fact: the bell tower is still active today and you can ring it for good luck.

The trail to Mirna Gora is suitable for children from 4 years old. The round trip is easier but longer. The route is well marked at all times. The path described follows a forest educational trail, on which many educational boards remind you of the special features of the forest.

Along the way we can get acquainted with a great variety of vegetation, trees, animals and during the way we can also see another natural attraction, for example a lake. We will stop at this point in order not to reveal too much to you. It's best to do your own research.

Basic information

Difficulty: Easy, marked trail

Equipment: Usual hiking equipment

Altitude: 1048 m

Starting point: In the village of Vrčice, Semič, just before the church, turn right towards Planina and Mirna gora. Soon we will reach the dirt road where we will follow the signs that will lead us to the village of Planina. We park in a well-kept parking lot next to the educational and hiking boards.

Time: 45 minutes

Season: All seasons

Finally, we would like to tell you that excellent homemade dishes and really tasty pancakes await you on the top of Mirna Gora (perhaps as a little motivation). The residents of Belokran will be very happy to see you. Welcome!

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