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Bela Krajina, where our glamping is located, awaits you.

If you are looking for a green escape, literally or figuratively, then our glamping site is worth checking out. Bela krajina is also presented on the tourist map of Slovenia as the land of warm-hearted people. White because of the white birches that are its trademark, but very green, vivid to the eye.

We combine all efforts for the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia and locally. The adjective "green" does not only refer to green landscapes, but also to paths and efforts to raise sustainable awareness among the Slovenian population or Slovenian tourism providers. By obtaining the Green Key mark - one of the internationally valid sustainability or environmental labels recognized in the ZSST - and signing the GREEN POLICY OF SLOVENIAN TOURISM, we from the Kolpa Resort glamping site have the conditions for obtaining the Slovenian mark Green Accommodation fulfilled, which means that we formally position ourselves on the Slovenian, European and global markets as environmentally and socially friendly accommodation.

We invite you to visit us.

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