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The cradle of rosé and predicate wine

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Did you know that in 1981 the first rosé wine was produced in Bela krajina and then in 1985 the first ice wine?

ROSÉ Wine in Slovenia
"The oenologist at that time, Julij Nemanič, who gained wine experience abroad, was so enthusiastic about French rosées that he decided to immediately squeeze the red grapes of "velvet", which yielded extremely well that year. He produced a wine of delicate pink color, wonderful aromas and special taste.

Resorce: KletMetlika

The home of a young portuguese wine with carbon maceration is also in Bela krajina. Bela krajina as a wine-growing region has made great contributions to Slovenian winemaking.

The people of Bela krajina have also dedicated quite a few festivals to their wine specialties. Below are some of those that take place in the colder half of the year.

A young Portuguese wine in Bela krajina

The specialty of the Portuguese young wine, as the people of Bela krajina call it, is that in just a few weeks it matures from must into young wine and thus offers immediate pleasures. The young wine is fresh, lightly drinkable and varietal aromatic in aroma.

Along with home-made cuisine and Bela krajina cake and roasted chestnuts, the taste of Portuguese Bela Krajina winemakers is so much sweeter.

Sparkling wine festival

The sparkling wine festival usually takes place together with the festive December fair,

in the old town of Metlika, where visitors can taste Bela krajina wine bubbles and other drinks prepared from sparkling wines, as well as Bela krajina cuisine.

Predicate Festival

The Predicate Festival is dedicated to the promotion of predicate wines, which include late harvest wines, selections, strawberry selections, dry strawberry selections and ice wines.

It is a great event for lovers of sweet wines and takes place every fourth (leap) year, on February 29th. The festival offers not only sweet wine drops, but also various desserts that match the predicate wines.

So, the cradle of rosé wine and predicate wine which calls for acquaintance. Welcome to the land of white birches!

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