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The doors of Bela Krajina are wide open

From July to September, various providers in Bela krajina open their doors on a regular daily or weekly basis.

Wine cellars, galleries, tourist farms, landscape parks and gardens, beekeepers and craftsmen and performers of various experiences dedicate special time to visitors.

We invite you to the land of white birches tastings of honey and honey products, home-made oils and raspberry wine and berry jams, create in workshops on writing Bela Krajina Easter eggs, traditional embroidery and baking Bela Krajina bread.

Visit the Lahinja Landscape Park, Bela Krajina museums and galleries and the partisan hospital museum, buy local self-sufficiency and handicrafts, visit the cold wine cellars in the summer heat and toast the life offered by the land of heartfelt people!

Bela krajina open door calendar >

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