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Old town of Metlika

Culture is thus our identity, it tells us who we are.

An important holiday for the Slovene nation is certainly Prešeren's Day, which is celebrated on 8 February, the day of the death of the greatest Slovene poet - France Prešeren.

Metlika, staro mesto jedro
Metlika, old town, From:

Going back to culture, we could say that culture is something that represents the nation, the landscape or the people who are determined in the area.

On 8 February, Prešeren's Day or Slovenian cultural holiday, the central national celebration takes place in Slovenia, at which the Prešeren Awards and the Prešeren Fund Awards for top achievements in the field of art in Slovenia are presented.

But culture is much more than that. In the days when we lived without the virus, this day was the opening of all cultural institutions, such as museums, galleries

We hope that we will be able to experience a sense of culture in 2022, drive to a less known place and discover unknown beauties.

In the vicinity of our glamping resort in Metlika you can see in the old town:

Slovenian Fire Brigade Museum
Slovenski gasilski muzej, Metlika
Slovenian Fire Brigade Museum, Metlika

Firefighter's historical heritage represents a large part of Slovenia's cultural past.

In the old town of Metlika, in the immediate vicinity of the castle, stands the Slovenian Fire Brigade Museum dr. Branko Božič, who with his rich collection shows the historical heritage and extensive activity of the fire brigade from the beginning to the present day.

Bela Krajina Museum

The museum in Metlika was opened in 1951 and is located in Metlika Castle, which stands in the old part of Metlika.

The museum takes care of the movable cultural heritage of Bela krajina and has three permanent exhibitions, namely the Permanent Exhibition in Metlika Castle, which shows the life of local people, from settlement in prehistory to the middle of the 20th century.

Oton Župančič Memorial Collection in Vinica (dislocated unit),

Local museum collection in Semič (dislocated unit).

Kambič Gallery

In 2003, the Metlika Museum in Bela Krajina took over the donation of the late Metlika compatriot, academician prof. dr. Vinko Kambič, an internationally renowned otorhinolaryngologist, and his wife, opera singer Vilma Bukovec Kambič.

The collection of national importance consists of cultural and historical objects (furniture, clocks, lamps, glass paintings, handicrafts) and works of art by various Slovenian artists (from the generation of realists and impressionists to living artists).

Tri fare

Tri fare (3 churches) are located in the settlement of Rosalnice near Metlika. The pilgrimage complex is distinguished by three Gothic churches, huddled within a high cemetery wall, which is probably partly a remnant of the anti-Turkish camp. Churches stand side by side.

As we have said many times, Bela krajina is very interesting for research in the colder months of the year, both for sports and adrenaline enthusiasts as well as for lovers of culture.

Welcome to the Bela krajina, the land of white birches!

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