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What to buy for a gift to a loved one

Whether you are buying a gift for a sibling, longtime spouse or co-worker, choosing the perfect gift is harder than it seems.

Questions arise: What do they want? What do they not own yet? What color would you like it in? Are they allergic to anything? Do they like to read? What is their favorite scent? Do they want a short break?

To make your choice easier when shopping for gifts, we have prepared a list of gifts for all your loved ones. We have selected useful and practical gifts:

A good bottle of wine.

Wine in Bela krajina
Bela krajina wine

With wine we pay homage to the story of coexistence between man, nature and the wine. We often hear that wine is a gift with a soul.

Each bottle carries a story within it, radiating the care and love with which it was created.

In Bela krajina we have a wonderful offer of winemakers and their wines.

For the home cook: Freshly ground flour.

Organic food for the kitchen. Selection of fresh ground flour or cereals, from the Klepec farm. An ideal gift for anyone who loves to cook. In addition, you can give a baking dish, which will make the gift a little more traditional. Slovenian potica will also be more delicious in it :)

For a beautiful home - Ethno decor

Home decoration improves well-being. The way we live and how we decorate our home also becomes part of our personal identity. You can choose a unique collection of gifts for home decoration from artisans and manufacturers from all over Bela krajina ...


Bela krajina offers an authentic and active experience throughout the year, inspiring stories and unique moments that will create beautiful memories for the recipient. You can choose from many experiences for him or her here.

Gift card

We believe that gifts should be as special as relationships.

You can buy for a dear person a Kolpa Resort glamping gift card.

You can buy it online or at the point of sale with us (from May to October).

Welcome to Bela krajina, the land of white birches, wine and heartfelt people.

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