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Why is sleeping important?

Poor sleep can cause problems such as poor concentration, depression and high blood pressure.

Each of us sleeps poorly at time to time, and this can become a serious problem if a lack of proper sleep occurs regularly.

Sleep disorders are a very serious health problem as they often remain unrecognizable.

What are the causes of poor sleep?

Anxious thoughts can keep us awake, mood swings can cause insomnia and shortened sleep hours, as well as changes in our biorhythm.

Even our lifestyle can affect to bad sleep; unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, too much alcohol, nicotine or caffeine can negatively affect sleep.

So why is sleep so important?

According to American researchers, good sleep strengthens your immune system and helps you maintain a stable weight. With good sleep, you are less likely to get diabetes and generally bad mood.

Your body rejuvenates and regenerates during sleep. Healthy sleep potentially reduces the risk of heart disease.

People often talk about the positive effects of spending time outside and connecting with nature. Life is less stressful after spending time outside, whether it’s just enjoying nature or minor outdoor activities.

However, try different activities and find the solutions that help you the most.

Circadian rhythm - Features of the human circadian biological clock. Source: Wikipedia.

Here are some ideas that can help reduce stress and help you sleep better;

1. Fresh air

We inhale it every day and rarely stop to think about the benefits it brings to our health. About 20% of the air we breathe is oxygen - crucial to the functioning of our body.

Did you know that the brain is one of the biggest consumers of oxygen in our bodies?

They use almost three times more oxygen than our muscles because they need a lot of energy to work and heal. One of the brain functions is to regulate our body clock, also known as the circadian rhythm, and this includes our sleep. Fresh air is therefore an important step in maintaining body rhythms such as waking and sleeping.

Sometimes it’s a real luxury to spend time outdoors, but even a few minutes every day is better than nothing. Go for a walk if you can. Yes, this is easier to do in the spring and summer months, when daylight is longer, but even in the fall and winter, you can take a short walk in the morning or early afternoon.

Try to spend a few minutes every day in the gardening. Some benefits will only bring you 10 minutes of survival outside. Also adding bird feed in the winter helps provide an opportunity to enjoy the fresh air.

Could you add a few minutes to your bedtime routine? Turn off the TV and take a few deep breaths of fresh air before going to bed. See the night sky or listen to the sounds around you.

If you can, sleep with the bedroom window open. If you can’t because of traffic noise, etc., try leaving the window open in another room and leaving the bedroom door ajar.

2. Sounds of nature

When you are outside, you can hear some pleasant relaxing sounds coming from nature, such as birdsong, wind whistling through the leaves, a bubbling stream or people screaming in the street, barking dogs, car horns, trumpets, radio from the house next door ...

The last few may not lead to a calm mind for most of us, but the sounds of nature help us relax. They lower our anxiety levels and generally help us feel better about ourselves, all of which help us sleep better at the end of the day.

3. Physical exercise

Low-level exercise can be included in your daily routine, as you are probably exercising without realizing it. We have already briefly mentioned walking and short outdoor activities, all of which can be taken into account in daily physical exercise. Outdoor activities such as gardening, socializing, washing and sweeping can also be considered as an activity.

For a higher level of exercise, try exercising in the garden. Take advantage of all our suggestions: fresh air, the sounds of nature and physical activity!

If you are looking for something that also has a social side, look in the local area or there are groups for outdoor activities.

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