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Wine experiences in the Bela Krajina

Bela krajina is the smallest Slovenian wine-growing region. It lies in the south-eastern part of Slovenia between the Gorjanci hills and the river Kolpa, along which the border with Croatia runs. It is the warmest Posavje region with a continental and sub-Pannonian climate and Mediterranean influences.

The geological composition is dominated by limestone and dolomite, there is also a lot of red clay, some flysch, sandstone and marl. It is the combination of the different geological composition of the soil and the climate that gives Belokrajna wines a special note.

The possible large temperature difference between day and night enables the production of aromatic wines that retain freshness at the same time. Not only the wines, but also the Belokranje cuisine and the hospitality of the Belokranje people will inspire you to come back to this small white land.

Have we listed enough reasons for you to go exploring Belokrajna's wine secrets?

Winemakers we recommend:

Metlika winery

The Metlika Wine Cellar is a mighty, 108-meter-long underground cellar that is particularly proud of its tunnel appearance. It is the largest wine cellar in Bela Krajina and invites lovers of authentic Bela Krajina wine to its premises.

The cellar produces 750,000 liters of wine per year.

If you decide to visit them, you will be impressed, because you will get to know Bela Krajina and its heart-felt people with a drop of Bela Krajina wine and a professionally guided tasting.

Wine cellar Prus

The Prus winery is located in Krmačina, and the specialty of this winery is that it is managed by three generations, who under one roof symbolize the family's winemaking tradition. The quality of the wines is what is of utmost importance to them.

They produce everything from sparkling wines to still wines, all the way to predicates. Their specialty is straw wine - wine made from dried grapes. They are definitely known for their predicate wines, so a visit to them is a must if you are a fan of sweet wines.

Šturm wines

You will find Šturmovs in the immediate vicinity of Vidošiče, more precisely on the slopes below the church of St. Anne. From their residence, you can enjoy a wonderful view of the vineyards, hills and surrounding churches. You can also visit them in Supernova in Novo Mesto or in Metli Castle, in the Castle Cellar of Lidija Šturm, where they will serve you other drinks in addition to their wonderful wines.

Pečarič wine house

The Pečarič farm is located in Čurile and has been closely associated with viticulture for several decades. Their vineyards are located between Vidošiči and Vinomer, where the conditions for vineyards are the best.

At their home, they will serve you home-made meats, excellent wines, and probably also some famous Slovenian quote or verse. In short, you will feel very at home, very authentically from Belokranija.

Šuklje wine cellar

The Šuklje Winery also boasts a long tradition, as winemaking has existed with them since 1895. Today, they invest a lot of knowledge in their wines, as their team consists of excellent winemakers and oenologists. They produce premium bottled wines and wines from the open program. They will gladly welcome you to their homestead for guided tastings in the cellar or in a wine bar in Ljubljana.

Thus, we have listed only a few winemakers in Belokrajna (and very briefly), since they are the closest to you from our resort.

But in Bela Krajina, as well as in the other two municipalities, there are a lot of excellent winemakers, which we may introduce to you another time.

See you in Bela Krajina!

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