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World Expo Dubai

Smart Slovenia. Green Slovenia. Creative Slovenia.

This year’s Expo started on October 1st and will run until March 31st. Where does it take place? In Dubai and among the pavilions of 192 countries, can also find Slovenian.

The central theme of Expo 2021 is technological advances, especially those that highlight the environmental challenges of humanity

Slovenia presented a segment of sustainability, which is reflected in the front part of the building with 45,000 plants, a wooden roof made entirely of Slovenian wood, and a pool of water that will save the land of the desert from high temperatures for at least a moment.

And how does it work?

Visitors can see a presentation of Slovenian tourism and companies in the exhibition space, and then in the interactive room sports achievements and other specialties of Slovenia.

The Expo is extremely important for Slovenian tourism and we are grateful that Slovenians have the opportunity to participate in this.

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