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Cycling adventure

three rivers: the Kolpa,

Route description:

We start the journey in the beautiful Kolpa Resort, from where the tour begins. The first stop takes us along the beautiful emerald river Kolpa. In the village of Žuniči, we cross the Kolpa and continue our journey to Novi Grad, where we cross the stone bridge to Dobra River. A few climbs follow, and then we descend towards Mrežnica river, where a 10 km long flat circuit awaits us next to it.

Don't forget to refresh yourself in the beautiful river. We continue our journey towards Jarce polje, where we cross the river Dobra again and continue our journey next to this beauty. The way back to Kolpa Resort takes us along the Kolpa River.


Krasinec - Griblje - Adlešiči - Žuniči - Novi grad na Dobra - Duga resa - Mrežnički varoš - Mrežnički Brig - Belavići - Duga Resa - Dubravci - Jarče polje - Ladešiči - Pravutina - Krasinec

Length 80 km

Highest point:308 m

Time: 4 h

The foundation: asphalt 80 km

Difficulty: moderately demanding

Points of interest on the way: 

swimming corners by the river Kolpa, open-air museum - Šokčev dvor, Žuniči, Mrežnica, rafting Mrežnica, waterfalls by the river Mrežnica  

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