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Best cycling routes in Bela krajina

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

Bela krajina is a great destination for cycling enthusiasts, with scenic routes through picturesque countryside, quaint villages, and historic landmarks.

Bela krajina a great destination for cycling
Cycling Bela krajina

Here are some of the best cycling routes in Bela krajina:

  1. Kolpa River Cycling Route: This cycling route follows the Kolpa River, offering stunning views of the river and surrounding landscape. The route is mostly flat and suitable for all levels of cyclists.

  2. Metlika Wine Road: This cycling route takes you through the vineyards and wine cellars of the Metlika region, with opportunities to taste local wines and traditional cuisine.

  3. Bela krajina Circle Route: This circular cycling route takes you through the heart of Bela krajina, passing through several towns, historic landmarks, and natural beauty spots.

  4. Lahinja Nature Park Cycling Route: This cycling route takes you through the Lahinja Regional Park, with diverse flora and fauna, natural springs, and meandering streams.

  5. Kočevje Forest Cycling Route: This cycling route takes you through the Kočevje forest, one of the largest primeval forests in Europe, with opportunities to see wildlife and explore historic landmarks.

  6. The region is also home to cycling events and races, including the Bela krajina Cycling Marathon, which attracts cyclists from around the world. Is an annual cycling event held in the Bela krajina region of Slovenia. The event typically takes place in May for Vinska Vigred and attracts cycling enthusiasts from all over Slovenia and other neighboring countries.

The marathon offers several different routes of varying distances, catering to different levels of cycling experience and fitness.

The longest route is usually around 150 km (start from Ljubljana), while the shortest is around 40 km.

The routes take participants through some of the most beautiful natural and cultural attractions of Bela krajina, including the Kolpa River, the town of Črnomelj, and several historic villages.

These are just a few of the many cycling routes in Bela krajina. Whether you're a leisure cyclist or a serious racer, Bela krajina has something for everyone.

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