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Updated: Mar 2, 2022

Wondering what glamping is?

Our resort is located in the heart of the village of Krasinec, in Metlika, or in the southeastern part of Slovenia, which, due to the overgrown landscape with white birches, is called Bela krajina.

Glamurozni šotori, lesene hiške ter naravni biološki bazen
Glamorous tents, wooden houses and a natural biological pool

This remote part of Slovenia is known for Bela krajina bread, white national costume, traditional red wine, Bela krajina heart people and many other specialties, which we wanted to bring closer to you, our guests, through the overall image of the resort and, last but not least, the tourist offer.


Glamorous tents, wooden houses and a natural biological pool in beautiful nature, not far from the river Kolpa.

Did it sound like the perfect vacation? For us yes. And we believe it can be perfect for you too. Especially if you love spending time in nature while exploring the unknown and other summer experiences.

There are quite a few special features of our resort. To begin with, it should be pointed out that Krasinec Castle once existed on the site where the resort now stands. Given that our houses are located on a hill, the fact of the castle makes a lot of sense.

But let's leave history for today. Because we are thinking about a humane future, we have decorated our resort with materials that are friendly to our nature.

The houses or Bela krajina houses, as we call them, are made in the completely traditional style of Bela krajina and are surrounded by healthy vegetable beam.

Not only that, the children's garden house also proved to be a great offer for the youngest to spend time with.

Our favorite corner is the fireplace, which is located in the middle of the resort and is intended for the common moments of visitors.

A small bar for our guests, located in the reception area, is intended not only to inform our guests, but also to various organized day and evening gatherings.

Last season, a wine tasting accompanied by music proved to be a great way for guests to socialize. Tasting Bela Krajina wine drops, the sound of a guitar and a gentle summer breeze in your hair…

We are really looking forward to the re-opening of the 2022 season and new projects. Did you remember the words from the first paragraph? The part where we try to bring Bela krajina closer to our guests through the tourist offer. Well, this kind of evening socializing is only a part of carrying out this mission.

At Kolpa glamping resort, we are well aware of the support of the locals, so we include Bela Krajina providers in our tourist offer wherever possible.

Let's say at breakfast. Is there anything better than a breakfast of homemade delicacies themselves?

If you answer yes, then you lied, well. Homemade breakfasts are the best thing for us, and because we also treat our guests the best, in the mornings we serve just that - a sieve of home-made Bela krajina delicacies, a home-made breakfast.

The words written above may have acted as a compliment, but everything written (and what we failed to write this time) is justified by various acknowledgments that represent to us a confirmation of our work, our efforts.

The last award we received was the Glamping Specialist of the year 2021/22, which we are especially proud of. Well, in the end, we do not do our work because of all these recognitions and awards, but because of the comfort and satisfaction of you, our guests.

Rewards are just the tip of the iceberg that reminds us every now and then that we are developing and working in the right, desired direction and motivate us for further work, advancement and development.

We will be happy if you choose our resort for the 2022 season, we will be happy if you (stay) our guest. We can promise you that we will continue to do our job as we have done so far and that we will only get better with our tourist offer from year to year.

See you!

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