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In our surroundings ... ponds Prilozje

Updated: Dec 13, 2022

Prilozje is a small village located near the town of Metlike or in the immediate vicinity of our glamping resort. The special feature is certainly the pond, which is classified as one of the central natural attractions in the Municipality of Metlika.

Ribnik Prilozje - Pomlad
Pond Prilozje - Spring

Of course, the southernmost river in Slovenia is also worth mentioning - the Kolpa river, which you already know very well, as well as the observation hill Veselica above Metlika, the Bečka cave near Slamna village and the village of Krašnji vrh (top) with its observation tower. Yes, our minds wandered among the natural features of the town of Metlike. Let us now return to the Prilozje.

Ribolov na ribniku Prilozje
Fishing pond Prilozje

The ponds at Prilozje were created from the former large closed water surface, which is still clearly outlined as a single body of water on the Franciscan cadastre. Today, the central and eastern ponds are used for growing fish, species of tench, carp, bream, ...

The western one is left to natural processes and thus represents the habitat of many endangered and rare species that need an aquatic environment for their existence.

If you will be staying with us or in the surroundings of our resort (or if you are going on a one-day trip to the Bela Krajina), we recommend that you explore this part of Metlika by bike or by foot.

And perhaps another hint, the area by the ponds is very nice for a picnic post. Just take a snack with you :)

Ribnik Prilozje - zima
Prilozje pond - a winter idyll

Next to the pond, you will be able to observe many protected creatures, such as endangered loggerhead turtles, birds, dragonflies and other creatures for which the pond in Prilozje is a habitat. The special feature of the pond in Prilozje is that it is included in the European network of protected areas - Natura 2000 - within the Kolpa area, in order to preserve its living environment.

Today, the pond is owned by the Metlika fishing family, and fishing is possible from May to September. Fishing in Prilozje will be a great experience, especially for fans of carp hunting. The fishing rules also apply to the ponds, which you can find here >>

As there is also an educational walking trail next to the pond, exploring the water area will be interesting even for your youngest.

Bela krajina will surely inspire you with unforgettable experiences that will remain in your memory for a long time.

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